emanadas-candle-lightThe majority of our clients come from personal referrals, and we consider that the highest form of compliment. Take a look and see what some of our past clients have to say about their experience with California Table.

California Table is a revelation. We may well be their biggest fans, but once you’ve worked with them, we’re willing to share that title with you. The Urban School has worked with California Table for several years on a wide range of events from small to large, from casual to fancy. They are unfailingly professional and the meals they serve never fail to garner compliments from our guests. Of course, we most look forward to hiring them for faculty/staff parties because then we’re the ones who get to eat the food!

California Table’s style is one of elegant simplicity where the spotlight is on the food itself; flavors are distinct; and the commitment to fresh, organic ingredients shines through in everything they prepare. Their menus are in perfect balance with dishes that are both beautiful and delicious. Additionally, they have created meals for us that are equally delightful to meat-eaters and vegetarians, as well as providing options for those maintaining a vegan or gluten-free diet.

In addition to the excellent food, it is a great pleasure to work with the Califonia Table staff. They are not only highly reliable and professional, they are also friendly, helpful, and unpretentious.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Kari K.

Where do I start?

I cannot tell you how many compliments we have received on the food. No one has mentioned our wedding without mentioning the food. Especially those pot de cremes. I had one at Starbelly tonight and yours beat it by 100%. It was the best I have ever had. Everyone has told us that this was the best food they ever tasted at a wedding. Gerry said it was restaurant quality.

Our dinner was perfect. We loved everything. I literally have zero complaints about any of the food. You did an absolutely amazing job – everything was delicious. It was beyond my wildest dreams.

Your servers were amazing. Everyone was so impressed. I never wanted for a thing. Dinner was lovely.

Melissa you guys KILLED it. I can’t thank you enough. I would love to find a way to work together on future weddings. I am really hoping to do more events at DPWW and similar venues in SF with foodie clients who will hire you. I am definitely going to work on that.

Thank you so SO much for everything. You really made our wedding a special, fun, and delicious night. It was such an important part of the night for me especially, and I couldn’t be happier with how it came out. Best meal of my life for a variety of reasons.

Emily & Gerry

California Table has catered dinner parties for us for the last X years both business events and for our friends. On every occasion, the menu is unusual and delicious, and the food is beautifully presented. From hors d’ouevres to starters, salads, main courses and desserts, the food is exemplary, fresh, local and prepared in a natural appetizing manner. The chef, Melissa is fabulous to work with and a pleasure to have in our home. She is timely and organized and always more than delivers on what she promises. I can’t recommend California Table more highly.

Miranda H.

I recently had California Table cater a business party for about 40 guests. Wow! Not only was I blown away by the food but my clients are still ranting and raving about it. The menu was seasonal, fresh and delicious (salmon tartare on a homemade potato chip, wild mushroom ravioli, the most gorgeous cheese plate I’ve ever seen and more). They created a signature cocktail that had everyone feeling very social and happy (a sparkling Elderflower-lime concoction). The service was extremely professional and they took care of everything – from glass rental to a spic and span cleanup. I would use them again in a heartbeat,.
PS Don’t forget to ask Melissa to make her famous cream puffs for your event. Heaven! Better than any I’ve ever had.

Sara B.

In September 2009, we hired California Table for a high-end fall brunch for donors to the non-profit for which I work. We’ve held this event many times in the past, and this was the first time we’d used California Table. I had high hopes.

My hopes were blown out of the water. They were amazing! The food was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Everyone — staff, donors, family, friends alike — were commenting on the insanity of the delicious food.

Not only was their food absolutely delicious, but they were also totally professional, punctual, and very friendly.

In fact, everyone was so impressed with them that some of the donors hired them later for one of their own personal events!

We are definitely hiring them again! And you should too. Though your waistline won’t thank you for it. But who cares. I’d give my right arm for another taste of their French Toast Creme Brulee.

Dena Z.

We had California Table cater the Open House at our new office. They came highly recommended and, nonetheless, exceeded our expectations. First, the food tasted WONDERFUL. Second, all of the ingredients were local and organic. Third, I have a gluten allergy, and they easily accommodated our request to have a gluten-free menu. The food was so tasty that several of my friends, who are also allergic to gluten had to ask me several times whether or not the food was actually gluten-free. Finally, they were professional and made sure that the food was being served at the appropriate temperature at all times. They even wrapped and refrigerated the leftovers. I will definitely hire them again!

Rachel R.